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  • Adult Learning - a unique opportunity for Adult Learners to share their experiences and express their needs to representatives of networks


  • Art Education 2.0 - a global community of art educators exploring uses of new technology.
  • ComicArtSchool- about drawing and making comics
  • The ArtsCollab - social collaboration and knowledge sharing with the use of and awareness of Open Educational Resources (OER).



  • Book Discussions - a place to Talk about Books and Ideas That Matter.
  • English Companion - a place to ask questions and get help. A community dedicated to helping you enjoy your work.
  • English Home - a space for English teachers and learners.


  • 38minutes - innovating in digital media and gaming? Working in Scotland or Ireland? Exchange ideas, see latest trends and debate the freshest topics.
  • Video Games as Learning Tools - a resource for people interested in teaching and learning with video games.


  • 25 Tools - this community provides a place for you to share your thoughts and experiences about the 25 Tools in the Professional Development Resource
  • Animation for Education - for those wanting to discover more about animation in education.
  • Apprendre 2.0 - social network accross the world about Education 2.0 and Learning 2.0 - Most of the activities are in French on this network.
  • AralaNET: Internet-based Learning for All - an on-line Philippine community of teachers and educational leaders in basic education, who are natives or immigrants in the digital world.
  • assistivetech - learning...sharing...creating.
  • AULA 2.0 - Spanish social networking site for those interested in Web2.0 and collaborative technologies in education.
  • Classroom2.0 - social networking site for those interested in Web2.0 and collaborative technologies in education.
  • Content Literacy - for those interested in promoting a literate approach to teaching content.
  • Digifolios and Personal Learning Spaces- Building a Professional ID in the 21st Century
  • Distance Learning - a place to network with others in the distance learning field.
  • ED-LINKS - a Social Network for Learning 2.0 in Pakistan
  • EduBloggerWorld - an international network for educational bloggers and friends. A meeting place, as well as a coordinating location for live face-to-face and virtual events.
  • E-Learning for Life - fostering a professional learning community in Qatar and beyond.
  • Fieldfindr - connecting teachers to global citizens where teachers can meet volunteers with skills to share.
  • Fireside Learning: Conversations about Education - collegial conversation, for sharing thoughts about education. Reflective practitioners, philosophers, psychologists, teachers of all kinds, doctors, scientists, administrators, students, learners of all ages: post and ponder.
  • Free Online Classes - open education online - OCW (Open Course Ware) and free online classes. Learners can pick a class and teachers can list their own.
  • Huddlemind - a network for those who are actively shaping new thinking on education. A place to share tips and tools.
  • iConnectiLearn - a positive learning community that encourages self-directed learning by educators.
  • Images4Education- exploring Images in the 21st Century Classroom.
  • ImagiLearning - creating the future of learning.
  • Independent School Educators Network - an Educational Network For Exploration, Discussion, and Collaboration.
  • ISTE Community - a year round social network for ISTE Members, affiliated organizations and groups, and educational leaders.
  • Learning 2.0 - a platform for members to exchange expertise and skills.
  • Learning 2.008 - the Learning 2.008 Shanghai Conference and beyond.
  • Learning Technologies User Group - a community where anyone interested in learning technologies can share ideas.
  • Learning Town - a Village for Learning Professionals, hosted by Elliott Masie of The MASIE Center.
  • Making Curriculum Pop - for educators interested in best practices and teaching with/about pop culture.
  • My Learning Space - global community of educators exchanging ideas about innovative teaching, sharing resources and working together in open learning courses.
  • Museum 3.0 - a network for those interested in the future of cultural institutions such as museums, galleries, science centres and other collecting bodies.
  • MuseumPods - a network for museums and students to interact and learn.
  • NECC - designed to help you connect to like-minded NECC attendees and extend the conversations.
  • NextGen Teachers - educators connecting to explore the next generation of teaching and learning.
  • Ning in Education - for those using the Ning social networking platform in education.
  • Online Instruction - ongoing support and information to facilitate online classes. Online Instruction caters to instructors' needs.
  • Online Learning Tools and Tips - for educators interested in using the internet and new tools for teaching.
  • OnLineProjects4Teachers - linking teachers together.
  • OpenLearn - OpenLearn is an Open University project which makes OU course material available to all with internet access under a Creative Commons license.
  • OZ / NZ Educators - for the OZ/NZ educators group and a focal point for discussions and links to our regular group meetings.
  • Passionate Teachers - for dedicated teachers, who consider teaching as a mission and not just a job. Add your drop of knowledge to this vast ocean of knowledge.
  • Professional Development - a community web site for the teachers and administrators interested in professional growth.
  • Professional Development 2.0 - building a web of new learning.
  • Projects by Jen - teachers are invited to join in online projects hosted by Jennifer Wagner and then use this portal to share ideas!!
  • School 2.0 - a discussion of how education, learning, and our physical school spaces can (or should) change because of the changing nature of our social and economic lives brought on by Web 2.0 technologies.
  • Seedlings - social network for "Seedlings at Bit by Bit".
  • Social Learning - sharing user created content through collaborative, non-formal learning environments.
  • Social Mentor - teachers are social mentors as they influence the society by shaping the minds of young ones.
  • Social Networks in Education - a listing of social networks used in educational environments.
  • The Future of Education - a community devoted to providing an opportunity for those who care about education to share their voices & ideas with others.
  • The Global Education Collaborative - for teachers and students interested in global education.
  • The Educators PLN - dedicated to the support of a Personal Learning Network for Educators.
  • Tweet4Education - brianstorm twitter lesson plan ideas and potential research work.
  • Youth Work Online - exploring how youth work and informal education professionals can support young people in a digital world.
  • WebQuest Dialog - for those interested in learning about and extending the WebQuest model.
  • WiZiQ's Meeting Place - for users of WiZiQ, the online teaching and learning platform, which provides a free virtual classroom for teachers and students to interact online in real time.
  • Working Together to make a Difference - educators working collaboratively.


Gifted Education

  • Gifted Education 2.0 - the place to put up your feet, take a sip of coffee, and peruse the ONLY g/t network encouraging conversations amongst members.

Global Connections

  • Around the World with 80 Schools - opening the walls of your classroom.
  • Beyond the Walls - aims to promote the use of social networks in education, develop international educational projects, to make creative and innovative education stakeholders.
  • Comenius Programme Network - a network for teachers accross Europe to seek support, share ideas and experiences to help ensure successful projects.
  • ePals - the leading provider of safe collaborative technology for schools to connect and learn in a protected, project-based learning network. With classrooms in 200 countries and territories, ePals makes it easy to connect learners locally, nationally or internationally.
  • eTwinning - the Community for schools in Europe. Teachers from all participating countries can register and use the eTwinning online tools.
  • Flatclassrooms - fostering new ways of learning using Web 2.0 and global collaborative 'flat classroom' ideals and practices.
  • Global education - is a community for teachers and students interested in global education. Contribute by adding media, conversation, and collaborative project ideas.
  • Global Nation - a global way to educate.
  • Global Nomads Group - creates education programs and media about global issues for youth.
  • Global SchoolNet - to support 21st century learning and improve academic performance through content driven collaboration. We engage teachers and K-12 students in meaningful project learning exchanges worldwide
  • Global Visits - we join the world of 'social networking' with a serious purpose: peace and understanding.
  • IDEAL - a social network for teachers who believe it is time to teach differently - IDEALly creating classrooms without borders.
  • iEARN - International Education and Resource Network is the world's largest non-profit global network that enables teachers and youth to use the Internet and other technologies to collaborate on projects that enhance learning and make a difference in the world.
  • Projects by Jen - teachers are invited to join in online projects hosted by Jennifer Wagner and then use this portal to share ideas!!
  • School Videoconferences - for any teacher who wants to do some Videoconferences can join us and make a new connection with other teachers.
  • TakingITGlobal - a collaborative learning community which provides youth with access to global opportunities, cross-cultural connections and meaningful participation in decision-making.
  • Teachers Connecting - a place for K-12 teachers to find other teachers for cross-classroom collaboration.
  • The Global Virtual Classroom - is a collection of free, online educational activities and resources inlcuding a multi-national, on-line cooperation activity for students from 6 to 18 years old.

Higher Education

  • College 2.0 - online Learning and Web 2.0 in Higher Education (social network with blogs, forums and RSS feeds).
  • Higher Education in United States - a community of people interested in US higher education. We welcome and invite students, alumni, advisors, and consultants who want to seek/offer advice about US higher education.
  • Laptop Learning - for K-20 educators interested in laptop learning.
  • University Web Developers - for anyone involved with implementing and maintaining web sites in a University environment.


  • Atomic Learning Conversations - fostering discussion on education, technology, and professional development.
  • AuthorSTREAM - a meeting place to discuss authorSTREAM, the natural extension of PowerPoint on the Web.
  • Connectivism Technology - a place to share & discuss education, learning and research in Connectivism, technology, web2.0, e-Learning, PLE, K-12, higher and open education.
  • Creativity in E-learning - for all those involved in using technology to enhance learning and teaching, from schools, colleges and Universities, to commercial and public training departments.
  • Digital Dialog - for anyone interested in learning more about Internet safety, safe digital social networking, and great ways to use the Internet for learning and fun.
  • Early Childhood Technology - teachers are invited to join in online projects and use this portal to share ideas!!
  • Ednak - a thought networking site dedicated to online educators.
  • Education 2.0 - instructional designers, developers, instructors and learners getting together to share PRACTICAL ideas about the application of Web 2.0 tools, websites and other resources in school Education and eLearning (formal or informal).
  • Educational Technology - a network for Educators Seeking to Leverage Technologies in the Classroom.
  • Educators' Guide to Innovation - is for those interested in innovative practices happening in education.
  • Elementary Tech Teachers - the place to share plans, ideas, tools, frustrations and any other ideas related to teaching and using technology in the computer lab setting or as an elementary tech facilitator.
  • Explore... Discover... Play... - supports on-going discovery and learning of web 2.0 technologies. Our goal is to help introduce new finds and discoveries that may be of value to libraries and their users.
  • FreeTech4Teachers - a place to connect with teachers from around the world who are teaching with technology and teaching about technology.
  • Google in Education - for those interested in using Google tools in education.
  • ICT in Education - community for visitors to and the newsletter, Computers in Classrooms.
  • ictnet - any teachers with an interest in ICT are welcome to join.
  • Instructional Design E-Learning - connects professionals in the field of Instructional Design and E-Learning.
  • InterACTiC 2.0 - (in portuguese) - reflect on education, teaching methodologies and learning using ICT.
  • Internet en el Aula - Comunidades de educadores que comparten experiencia y recursos para el uso de Internet en el aula.
  • iPads in Education - explore new and innovative ways iPads and other portable devices could be used in schools and colleges.
  • iPod Educators - educational podcasters at all levels share philosophy, experiences, tools, and techniques to reach the iPod generation of learners!
  • IWBNet - community of teachers, school leaders, parents and students supporting and promoting cutting-edge interactive teaching and learning.
  • K12 Online Learning - for people to share ideas, resources, and questions about the world of K-12 Online Learning.
  • K12 Open Source Community - discussions around the use of Free and Open Source Software in K-12 schools.
  • Learn Web 2.0 with Maggie - a group is for all those who want to learn with me about how to use Web 2.0 technologies for teaching and learning...
  • Nortel LearniT: 21st Century Learning - to help students and educators develop 21st century skills that will provide for their ongoing engagement in learning and self-achievement.
  • New Tools for Learning Club - every month we'll look at 5 new, upcoming or unrecognised tools and discuss their use for education, training or performance support.
  • Smart Board Revolution - share ideas, tips, and lesson files to maximize learning for children.
  • Teach with Internet - a network to share ideas with other teachers, post videos, upload lesson plans, recommend materials, resources and learn from each other.
  • Teachers 2.0 - educators helping each other to learn and use the new tools that are out there - from PowerPoint to Web 2.0.
  • Teachers using Technology - for teachers interested in learning and sharing.
  • Teaching and Learning with Technology - explore technologies and identify the opportunities they can offer to enable, empower and transform teaching and learning.
  • Teaching 'N Technology - helping teachers integrate technology into the classroom.
  • Teachnology - teacher tech resources - freeware, cloudware and funding opportunities.
  • - an online Professional Learning Community for educators interested in becoming stronger teachers through the use of digital technologies.
  • Tech Camp for Educators - with literacy as a focus, technology will be infused across the curriculum as a tool for teaching and learning.
  • Technology2.0 - we can teach a content in a certain way using a certain technology - a 3-dimensional relationship of technology, pedagogy and content.
  • Technology and Beyond - a 3-dimensional relationship of technology, pedagogy and content.
  • Technology Integration in Education - helping to facilitate the use of technology in the classroom.
  • The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution - a place for conversations that promote effective teaching with IWBs.
  • Tweet4Education - brianstorm twitter lesson plan ideas and potential research work.
  • United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development - open and inclusive platform for dialogue on innovative ways of harnessing ICT for advancing development.
  • Vid Snacks - video is the language of the 21st century. Learn how to do it here.
  • Voicethread for Educators - looking to create, build and keep resources for people using in their classrooms.
  • Web2Class - to ensure that Web 2.0 tools make an impact upon teaching and learning in the classroom.
  • Web 2.0 for Teachers - for teachers and administrators who have attended presentations that highlight the use of Web 2.0 tools. Also for educators who are interested in using and sharing the use of Web 2.0.
  • Webheads in Action - helping each other fulfill lifelong learning goals through modeling, demonstrating, reflecting, and practicing skills online.
  • WOW Slides - to share your views about PPTs, slideshows, and presentations on any topic under the sun.

Interactive Whiteboard


  • All Sharing - exploring web 2.0 tools and sharing experiences of their implementation in English language teaching
  • Collaborative Translation - dedicated translators exploring productive 21st century opportunities for active & win/win collaborative translation.
  • EAL 2.0 - community of teachers in International Schools with the common goal of creating responsive multicultural and multilingual environments.
  • EFL Classroom 2.0 - a WORLD of learning and sharing!
  • French Teachers - French Teachers in the 21st century.
  • Learning Spanish - a resource for everybody looking to learn Spanish.
  • Loquella - learn Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese.
  • META - Mexico English Teachers' Alliance.
  • Talkabout Primary MFL - a network for anyone teaching languages in Primary school.
  • The IALLT Learning Ning - a learning community for anyone involved in using technology to learn about languages, literatures, and cultures.
  • The Irish Language in Primary Schools - positives and negatives.
  • Voices of the World -a place to connect educators around the world and to connect children together using their voices rather than the written or typed word, to enable children to develop an appreciation of different languages, accents and dialects from around the world.
  • Virtual Round Table Conference - a semi-annual live online conference on language learning with technology.



  • Mathematics 24x7 - on this network we would be talking about Mathematics...Good or Bad .

Mobile Computing


  • iMoodle - discusses all things Moodle, the popular LMS (learning management system) preferred by educational institutions & ESPs.
  • Moodle Meet - join other Moodlers to network, share, work, collaborate, ask questions, get ideas, learn, make discoveries, etc.
  • Moodle Moodlers - share the knowledge! Free moodle tutorials for moodlers.


Primary School


Social Studies


  • DS5 - Network for DSCymru members and anyone else with an interest in digital storytelling.


  • Students 2.0 - is a network for students to connect independently with other students and with mentors to shape their own educational paths outside of traditional institutions.

Teaching Abroad

  • Aclipse - to help current and future teachers abroad connect, share their experiences and learn from one another.


Virtual Worlds / Second Life

  • Gaming and Learning in Second Life - focus and catalyze worldwide efforts of educators, commercial ventures, and organizations to harness, promote, and implement gaming for the purposes of intentional and incidental learning in Second Life.
  • Immersive Worlds Tool Ranking - we assess preferred 3D Immersive Environments & Virtual Tools used in contingent settings.
  • Opensim Users - a place for opensim users and developers to connect and share.
  • RezEd - an online hub providing practitioners using virtual worlds with access to the highest quality resources and research in the field to establish a strong network of those using virtual worlds for learning.
  • Second Classroom - a project to explore ways in which educators can create projects for students using immersive media such as Second Life, MMORPG and social networks to create authentic learning.
  • Second Life Bloggers - membership in Second Life Bloggers is open to any Second Life Resident who blogs, Micro-blogs (Twitter, etc), podcasts, or has a Flickr account.
  • Second Life Education Videos - expressly for sharing videos--machinima, real world presentations, and tutorials--about events and features of the 3Di world Second Life.
  • Second Life Travel Guide - the best locations, the must visits in your virtual travels.
  • Virtual Worlds and Social Networking in Education - an understanding of social networking sites and virtual worlds as educational environments.